Ontario publishes updated cap-and-trade participant list

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Story from Carbon Pulse

Some 232 entities are registered to participate in Ontario’s cap-and-trade programme, according to updated data released by the province’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

(see here for full list)

According to the latest list, dated Mar. 6, the nascent scheme will cover 257 facilities in the province, which are operated by 220 compliance entities.

In addition, a group of 12 organisations and individuals will take part voluntarily, the data showed.

Ontario will hold its inaugural carbon allowance auction Mar. 22, with quarterly auctions scheduled for June 6, Sep. 6 and Nov. 29.

The province then intends to link with Quebec and California’s cap-and-trade programmes under WCI in the first half of 2018.

Imperial Oil had the largest number of installations registered with four, while 30 or so companies had two or more plants participating.

In addition, all of Ontario’s major universities were listed, in addition to an airport, a hospital and the Royal Bank of Canada.

And amongst some of the registered voluntary participants were Koch Brothers-owned commodity traders Koch Supply & Trading, Toronto-based carbon brokers ClearBlue Markets and an associate with consultants ICF International.

Participation in the auction is not mandatory, and the scheme registrants who do opt to take part will be revealed when the sale’s results are published on Apr. 3.

By Sophie Yeo and Mike Szabo – news@carbon-pulse.com